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Here you will find all of the information for presenters at NELS52. Please let us know if you have any questions:


Creating an OSF page

The NELS52 OSF Meetings page can be found here: 

Please send an email to the following address(es) from the email account you would like used on the OSF. If you didn’t have an OSF account, one will be created automatically and a link to set your password will be emailed to you; if you do, we will simply create a new project in your account. 

For posters, email 

For talks, email

The format of the email should be as follows:

  • Subject: Presentation title
  • Message body: Short abstract (1 paragraph)
  • Attachment: Deanonymized abstract (title: [first-author-last-name]_abstract.pdf)

Please see the sample message below:

Sample e-mail for OSF


Shortly after sending in the email. Your presentation page will be available on the NELS 52 OSF page.


Editing your OSF page

Your OSF page will look like this:

Sample OSF page


You can also login and make changes, such as uploading additional files, to your project at that URL. The project page has several tabs at the top where you can go to edit your page (see green box in the image above). 

  • The ‘Files’ tab allows you to add, edit, and delete uploaded files. Please see below for instructions on how to add and delete files.
  • The ‘Contributors’ tab allows you to add collaborators. Please see below for instructions.
  • The ‘Settings’ tab allows you to do things like change the project name, delete your project, and change notification settings.

You can also add tags or keywords to describe your presentation by typing them into the `Tags’ box (blue blox). Please make sure that your OSF page is set to public (purple box) in order for the OSF page to show up in the NELS52 Meetings page.

Uploading more files is easy. Simply drag the file from where it is stored on your computer and drop it in the area of the `Files’ box. You can also go to the `Files’ tab at the top of the page and do the same. See below for an example:

Uploading files to OSF


If you go to the ‘Files’ tab, you can edit files that you have already added. When you click on a file, you have the option to download, view, delete, check out (make it so other contributors cannot change it), or rename the file. Please see the screenshot below:

The "Files" tab on OSF


If your presentation has multiple collaborators, you can add them to your project through the ‘Contributors’ tab as shown below:

Adding contributors to OSF


If they have an OSF account, you can search for them to add them. If they do not have an OSF account you can add them as an unregistered contributor using their email. You can give them access to view and/or edit the project page. You may also want to make sure they are listed as a ‘Bibliographic Contributor’.