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We ask that you please record your presentation in Zoom so that an audio transcript can be automatically generated. We will then ask you to review and edit this audio transcript (see below).

Zoom allows unlimited time free of charge for individual recording. Many Universities have free accounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions!

The steps below will help you do the following:

  • Record your talk OR poster lightning presentation.

    • Talks:
      20 minute pre-recorded talk (synchronous) + 10 minutes Q&A

      • For talks, we will show the pre-recorded video for the first 20 minutes of your timeslot, then allow it to be viewed via your OSF page.
      • You will participate in a LIVE 10-minute Q&A session immediately following the showing of the recording.

    • Posters:
      3 minute lightning talk (asynchronous) + live breakout room during poster session

      • For posters, your pre-recorded lightning talks will be available for viewing via your OSF page.
      • You will present your poster LIVE in a Zoom breakout room.
      • You may present a traditional poster format or have slides available.

  • Review and Edit the audio transcript. (Please note that this is extremely important for those needing the captioning. Linguistic terminology and a variety of accents or dialectal variation are not always accurately captured!)

  • Obtain the cloud recording Zoom link, which contains the edited audio transcript.

  • Share this link by uploading it to the NELS52 Dropbox.