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If you registered for NELS 52, then you should already be receiving emails from Co-Chair Kristen Syrett with detailed information, coming from

Zoom links for talk and poster sessions are being circulated in these emails and in our NELS Slack workspace. An invitation to join our NELS workspace was also sent from

If you registered for NELS, but have not received any emails, please start by checking your spam/junk folder! If you still cannot find the emails, please contact us immediately at
Without these emails, you are missing important information about NELS 52!

Within our NELS52 Slack workspace there is a channel (beginning with #) for each talk and poster. These channels are transparently named according to the following template:


For example:


Presenters, you are welcome to post your materials in your channel!

Participants, please feel free to use these channels for follow up questions and discussion!

There are also some additional channels:

  • 3 nels-at-nels channels (one for each day: #friday-nels-at-nels etc.)
  • #help-and-support (for anyone who experiences technical difficulties throughout the conference)
  • and a few fun and social channels, such as…
  • #general (goes out to everyone! Post wisely!)
  • #fur-babies (for posting pics of your pets, furry or otherwise)
  • #random (where you are welcome to chat about any topics)

You can also send direct messages (DMs) to individual people (by clicking on their name or profile picture or starting with the icon at the bottom of the screen and typing @), and you are always welcome to reach out to one of the conference organizers directly or email our gmail account for assistance

If you have any questions about how to use slack, please dm our Co-Chairs Kristen or Dorothy, or reach on the #help-and-support channel!