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Thank you to our Summer Intern and RA!

The Petrovsky Lab would like to announce that we have two people leaving our lab this summer. Zoe Geisser, one of our summer interns, and Isabella Ciccone, one of our RAs. Both have made an impact in contributing to the lab, and we would like to wish them well in the future!

Small Lifestyle Changes

Small lifestyle changes may go a long way in supporting healthy #aging. Learn about steps you can take to help support your physical, mental, and cognitive well-being later in life with @NIHAging: 

Hot Weather

Learn about the signs of hyperthermia and how to prevent hot weather-related illness with older adults as they are at increased risk for hyperthermia during the summer months. #NIAHealth 

Long-Distanced Caregivers

Anyone who is caring for a friend, relative or a parent from far away can be considered a long-distanced #caregiver. Learn about ways to care for somebody long distance below. 

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Negative behavioral and lifestyle choices can increase our risk for certain diseases. Leading a healthy lifestyle may reduce your risk of #Alzheimers and related #dementias. 

Effects of Listening to Music

In this article, the researchers found that individualized music listening is effective at reducing symptoms of dementia and improving quality of life for nursing home residents living with dementia. Read more here: