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Abeer Mobarki

Abeer M. Mobarki, Graduate Research Assistant, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research MSN, BSN, RN.

Abeer is a full-time PhD student at Rutgers school of nursing. She earned her first degree in nursing in 2010, an associate degree. Before Abeer pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing, she worked for a few years as a bedside nurse and then as a nursing supervisor.

In 2015, she received her bachelor’s degree and honors for outstanding performance in the College of Nursing at Dammam University for two consecutive years since she graduated at the top of her class. Ms. Mobarki is a King Saud University’s College of Nursing faculty member. In recognition of her academic success and dedication, Abeer received a full scholarship to study for a master’s and PhD in nursing science in the United States.

In 2020, Abeer earned a master’s degree in nursing science from the Family Nursing Practitioner program at the University of Miami. Her areas of research interest are psychopathology, cognitive impairments, maternal health, and pediatric health.

In 2022, Abeer’s research project was selected to represent the Rutgers School of Nursing at the 2023 conference of the ENRS Eastern Nursing Research Association. Abeer likes to work out, kickbox, play tennis, and bike in her spare time.