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This isn’t farewell, it’s see you soon.

I am not sure even where to start with this post cruise blog. Simply put, being on the R/V Atlantis was single handedly one of the most amazing, incredible, life changing experiences I’ve had the privilege to be a part of. I just rewatched Ale Martinez’s video footage summarizing our trip and I cannot tell … Read More

Post Cruise Update: With Erin Sharpe

Post Cruise Thoughts. I have caught the oceanography bug, and I look forward to my social media updates on Human Occupied Vehicle Alvin, the Research Vessel Atlantis, and many others. You can stay up to date on all that is happening with R/V Atlantis and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute at their various social media outlets. … Read More

PUFINS Research Recap

  Project Summary To summarize many weeks of work most succinctly, our June voyage aboard the R/V Atlantis was a success. We were able to recover the desired cores of deep-sea sediment from areas off the coast of Nova Scotia and New Jersey. I helped out with most aspects of this project – retrieving and … Read More

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