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South Colonie School District Highlights Sebert’s Experiences on the PUFINS Cruise

September 2022

On-Board Educator Stacey Sebert’s home school district posted a comprehensive article about the PUFINS expedition and its interactive experiences with classrooms across the country. The district’s post highlights Stacey’s students and their opportunity to send Ms. Sebert aboard with their own decorated styrofoam pieces to be sent to the bottom of the ocean! Read about this experience and more by clicking here.

Rutgers SEBS Recaps the PUFINS Cruise

August 2022

The Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences posted an article written by our very own Dr. Adamo. In this post, our Outreach Coordinator describes the PUFINS cruise, mainly focusing on our team members and goals for researching the Holocene Conundrum. The methodology for accessing and analyzing data is also described in the article, along with current and future outreach efforts. Read more about the PUFINS cruise and the future of PUFINS outreach here.

Rutgers SAS Highlights PUFINS Classrooms on the Cruise

August 2022

The Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences interviewed Outreach Officer Dr. Lauren Neitzke Adamo, inquiring about how the PUFINS cruise incorporated classrooms and public education as a whole into the voyage. The interviewer also asks Dr. Adamo about her personal experience on the cruise. Dr. Adamo touches upon the future utilization of PUFINS findings in classroom curriculums. The full interview is posted to the Rutgers SAS website, and can be viewed by clicking here.

South Colonie Central School District Article

June 2022

South Colonie Central School District writes an article, linked above, congratulating Ms. Stacey Sebert on her recent departure to the Atlantic Ocean aboard the PUFINS expedition. This article highlights Stacey’s future endeavors on-ship and gives a comprehensive overview of the goals of the PUFINS cruise. Ms. Sebert’s webinars are also mentioned in the article, which you can read more about here.

Rutgers Geology Museum Goes Live at Sea

May 2022

Linked above is the Rutgers Geology Museum’s post introducing the PUFINS cruise. This article includes our entire team and our goals for examining climate records to address unanswered questions about the Holocene Conundrum. The Ask a Geologist: Live at Sea event is also announced in this article, and you can register for the event by clicking here.

NYS Master Teacher Program Newsletter

March 2022

Linked above is an article congratulating Stacey Sebert, one of our On-Board Educators, for her announcement of her official collaboration with the PUFINS cruise. A short synopsis of our mission is included in the article, as well as links to Stacey’s Twitter post announcing her future plans with PUFINS. Be sure to click the link to view the full article!