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Julian Sachs

Primary Investigator

Julian Sachs is a Professor in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. He studies paleoclimatology to understand the natural variations in climate that occurred prior to the industrial age by reconstructing rainfall and temperature from the lipid biomarkers in ocean and lake sediments and their carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios. He also

Dr. Liz Sikes

Chief Scientist

Liz Sikes is a professor of oceanography at Rutgers University and a paleoceanographer. The unifying theme of her work is carbon cycling. Her main science focus is investigating circulation in the Southern Ocean to determine how this traps and releases CO2 from the deep ocean on glacial time scales. Liz also investigates past sea surface temperature

Dr. Lauren Neitzke Adamo

Chief Outreach Officer

Dr. Adamo standing on a glacier in Switzerland.

Dr. Adamo’s primary role on PUFINS is the organize all the outreach and education activities for this project.  She is excited to work with K-12 educators, graduate students, and an international team of research scientists to help bring this exciting science to the public.  Dr. Adamo has over a decade of experience communicating science to

Ria Sarkar

Outreach Officer

Ria is a graduate student at Rutgers University and is studying how the variations in deepwater formation in the North Atlantic region may have been linked to past climate change events since the Last Glacial Maximum, 20,000 years ago. She does this by studying foraminifera, a type of microfossil, that is the size of a

Dr. Natalie Umling

Watch Leader

Natalie is a postdoc at the American Museum of Natural History where she studies how the oceans have responded to past climate change events in order to understand what role the oceans may play in amplifying or muting climate changes today and in the future. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, she attended the University of

Dr. Amy Wagner

Watch Leader

Amy Wagner is an associate professor and chair of the Geology Department at California State University Sacramento (known as Sac State). Amy uses geochemical techniques to answer questions about past ocean and climate conditions. She has spent more than a year at sea on oceanographic research cruises across the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans.

Stacey Sebert

On-Board Educator

Stacey Sebert is one of the Onboard Educators for PUFINS. She is excited to work onboard, collaborating with the team of scientists, and engaging the public in the science conducted through this project. Ms. Sebert is a 19-year veteran, teaching science at both the middle and high school levels. She started her career teaching physical

Alejandra Martinez

On-Board Educator

Alejandra Martinez has taught 7th grade science for 16 years in Eagle Pass, Texas, a small town on the Mexican border. She is a National Geographic Certified Educator and a 2022 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow. She strives to awaken the next generation of scientists and explorers within her students. Her class mascot, SloMo, is a sloth

Erin Sharpe

On-Board Educator

Mrs. Erin Sharpe has over seventeen years of teaching experience in the New Jersey’s public school system. She has also been an informal educator, and a New Jersey 4-H leader, for over twenty years. Mrs. Sharpe has an undergraduate degree in biology from Stockton University, a certification in biological education, and a Masters degree in

David Walker

On-Board Educator

David Walker teaches innovative courses in Earth Science and Organic Chemistry at LASA High School, a public magnet school in Austin, Texas. His favorite thing about teaching is having the opportunity to make the natural world more interesting for his students every day. This opportunity is his passion point, and it constantly motivates him to