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Stacey Sebert

On-Board Educator

Stacey Sebert is one of the Onboard Educators for PUFINS. She is excited to work onboard, collaborating with the team of scientists, and engaging the public in the science conducted through this project. Ms. Sebert is a 19-year veteran, teaching science at both the middle and high school levels. She started her career teaching physical and earth science to 7th and 8th graders but now also teaches a marine science elective at Colonie high school. Stacey earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University at Stony Brook and her Masters of Science degree in Science Education from the University at Albany.

Stacey is a New York State Master Teacher and was awarded the 2019 Excellence in Science Teaching Award by STANYS (Science Teachers Association of New York State). She has been a part of several educational projects including EARTH (Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses) through the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the Polar Literacy Project and Project SWARM, both with Rutgers University. Ms. Sebert is also a 2021 Lyda Hill IF/THEN Innovation Challenge Winner. Currently, Stacey is a part of the Arctic Long-Term Ecological Field Research Team bringing data from Toolik Station Alaska into the classroom.