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All About the Crew


The science conducted on the R/V Atlantis over the past two weeks wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the ship’s crew. These dedicated professionals are all experts in their specific fields, and it has been an honor to work with them.

There are so many interesting career opportunities at sea. Enjoy the official trailer for “Top Ship” and learn more about the wonderful folks that work on the Atlantis:




Crew Positions

Below is an organized list of positions on the R/V Atlantis outside of the immediate science party (1).


  • Captain
    • On this voyage – Joey Daigle
    • Holds ultimate command and responsibility of the ship
    • Responsible for safe and efficient ship operation
  • Chief Mate
    • On this voyage – Marian Tudoran
    • Responsible for ship navigation, emergency response, watchkeeping
    • Head of deck department
    • In charge of cargo and deck crew
    • Reports to Captain
  • 2nd Mate
    • On this voyage – Kenny Beaver
    • Responsible for ship navigation, watchkeeping
    • Maintains ship’s GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System)
    • Reports to Captain, Chief Mate
  • 3rd Mate
    • On this voyage – Brian Caldwell
    • Responsible for ship navigation, watchkeeping, firefighting equipment, lifeboats, emergency systems
    • Reports to Captain, Chief Mate, 2nd Mate

Deck Department

  • Boatswain (Bosun)
    • On this voyage – Clindor Cacho and Ed Popowitz
    • Supervisor of deck operations and over-the-side work
    • Reports to Chief Mate
  • Able-Bodied Seaman
    • On this voyage – Raul Martinez, Lance Wills, Kevin Martin
    • Responsible for standing watch, deck operations, over-the-side work
    • Reports to Bosun, Mate on Watch
  • Ordinary Seaman
    • On this voyage – Kolton Kensley and Mike Sessa
    • Apprenticeship to become able-bodied seaman
    • Responsible for standing watch, deck duties, over-the side work
    • Reports to Bosun, Mate on Watch, Able-Bodied Seaman on Watch
  • Coring Team
    • On this voyage – Dale Hubbard, Chris Fanshier, Tom Lanagan, Dan Wildrick
    • In charge of deployment, operation, and retrieval of coring equipment

Engine Department

  • Chief Engineer
    • On this voyage – Bob Ring
    • Oversees the engine department and the operation and maintenance of the ship’s machinery
  • 1st Assistant Engineer
    • On this voyage – Alan Deveaux
    • Responsible for the refrigeration systems, main engines
    • Oversees major overhauls on critical equipment
    • Reports to the Chief Engineer
  • 2nd Assistant Engineer
    • On this voyage – Brian Kwedor
    • In charge of boilers, fuel, auxiliary engines, condensate and feed systems
    • Reports to Chief Engineer, 1st Assistant Engineer
  • 3rd Assistant Engineer
    • On this voyage – Ethan Logan
    • Responsible for general work in engine room
    • Leads Oilers and Wipers
    • Assists Third Mate in maintenance of lifeboats
    • Reports to Chief Engineer, 1st Assistant Engineer, 2nd Assistant Engineer
  • Oiler
    • On this voyage – Dave Kotschi, Sawyer King, Aldric Terral
    • Responsible for maintenance of operation of ship machinery
    • Reports to Chief Engineer, 1st Assistant Engineer, 2nd Assistant Engineer, 3rd Assistant Engineer
  • Wiper
    • On this voyage – Austin Fitzgerald
    • Responsible for cleaning and preservation of engine spaces and equipment
    • Reports to Chief Engineer, 1st Assistant Engineer, 2nd Assistant Engineer, 3rd Assistant Engineer, Oiler(s)

Steward’s Department

  • Steward
    • On this voyage – Rah Hugge
    • Oversees cooking for the ship, in charge of menus
  • Cook
    • On this voyage – Tanzi Edwards
    • Responsible for cooking for the ship
    • Reports to Steward
  • Mess Attendant
    • On this voyage – Joray Miller
    • Responsible for assisting the cook, serving meals, maintaining the mess deck, and cleaning the galley
    • Reports to Steward, Cook

Medical Officer

  • On this voyage – Marian Tudoran (Chief Mate)
  • Responsible for the ship’s medical equipment and supplies
  • Reports to Captain

Communications Electronics Officer

  • On this voyage – Jim Panter
  • Operates and maintains ship’s communications equipment
  • Reports to Captain

Marine Technician

  • On this voyage – Catie Graver and Larry George
  • Works directly with science party
  • Integrates science-provided equipment with ship systems
  • Educates science party in use of ship equipment and technology
  • Reports to Captain



Did You Know?

Styrofoam objects make for excellent experiments involving ocean depth, as the polystyrene contains may air pockets. As these objects descend, increasing pressuring slowly squeezes the air out of these pockets, causing the objects to shrink. During this voyage, we’ve been able to attach all sorts of Styrofoam things to the CTD rosette during its trip to and from the seafloor. Results have varied, depending on ocean depth, adding excitement to the retrieval of the CTD each day. Check out our Styrofoam and Pressure post for more details!


The Styrofoam PUFINS outreach team before and after being sent down to 2500 m below sea level. SloMo, class mascot and sloth, was used for scale.



Wildlife Sightings

  • Northern Fulmar
  • Great Shearwater




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