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Predoctoral Student

Ersilia Mirabelli, M.S.

Predoctoral Student

Ersilia Mirabelli, M.S. is a Ph.D. candidate for the Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Physiology track of the Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Ersilia received her M.S. and Bachelor degrees, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Calabria, Rende, Italy.   She has performed research in the Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, and in the San Giovanni Di Dio Crotone Hospital, Italy.  Ersilia is the recipient of the MoSt scholarship.


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Pathological pain processing in mouse models of multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury: contribution of plasma membrane calcium ATPase 2 (PMCA2).
Journal of Neuroinflammation, November 2019

A toll-like receptor 9 antagonist restores below-level glial glutamate transporter expression in the dorsal horn following spinal cord injury.
Scientific Reports, 
June 2018

Toll like receptor 9 antagonism modulates spinal cord neuronal function and survival: Direct versus astrocyte-mediated mechanisms.
Brain Behavior and Immunity, August 2016

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