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Peer Talk Groups and Peer Text Groups

Colleagues Involved in Reaching Colleagues through Listening and Empathy

The CIRCLE Peer Talk and CIRCLE Peer Text groups are discussion groups that allow peers to connect with fellow peers, to discuss what it means to be “well at work” as well as other issues that we might not ordinarily address during day-to-day work. Groups like the CIRCLE Peer Talk and CIRCLE Peer Text groups have been demonstrated to have positive impacts on well-being.

These groups “meet” synchronously (via an on-line platform or face-to-face) or asynchronously (by text) every other week. This program is open to all RBHS faculty.



1. Form your own group of 5 to 8 colleagues based on your own definition of “peer”: for example, members of your department, your specialty, stage of career (years in practice or residency), life stage (e.g. having young children), career focus (research, education), gender or ethnic/race background. Assistance assembling a group can be provided.

2. Select a group leader. The leader will be in charge of beginning the discussion and ensuring that all participants meet initially.

3. Select one of 2 types of groups for your leader to choose at sign-up:
CIRCLE Peer Talk: meets synchronously using any on-line virtual platform or face-to-face at a time of your choice, for 1 hour every two weeks. The group leader will receive themed evidence-based topics every two weeks, which you will discuss.
CIRCLE Peer Text: “meets” using text on a secure platform (WhatsAppTM) to discuss the same topics every two weeks, asynchronously, over the week that follows the release of the topic to the group.


If you are interested is starting CIRCLE groups at your school, are interested in us connecting you to a group, or if you have any question about the program please let us know by emailing Ms. Norma Hernandez:, or Dr. Chantal Brazeau:


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