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Peer Support Program
Colleagues Aligning to Respond with Empathy

Peer support programs are becoming more widespread among healthcare institutions and academic health centers. Fellow peers are a powerful source of support because they understand the challenges and stressors that occur in the work environment every day!

The ONE 2 ONE 2 CARE peer support program involves training of faculty, healthcare professionals and learners so they can offer individual support to colleagues who are stressed or distressed. Trained peer supporters can provide scheduled or on-site real-time support when challenging situations arise at work. They can support a peer who is facing a challenge by offering a listening ear or helping hand.


Peers understand the joys and difficulties of our work. Yet, our healthcare culture supports shouldering our own concerns. We all need to learn to check in with one another; “This was a hard situation, how are you doing?”, and respond beyond the automatic response of “I’m fine”. It is helpful to share with a trusted colleague how difficult experiences affect us.

Peer supporters are identified by their “PEER SUPPORTER” tag attached to their ID. If a peer supporter approaches you and expresses interest in your well-being, consider engaging with them to share your experience. If you wish to speak with a peer supporter, please contact Dr. Chantal Brazeau at You may request a peer supporter from your own department, or a separate department within your school, or a different school, based on your preference and comfort.