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Thank you to all who have applied.   

Awards will be announced by May 10, 2024. 


Rutgers Health Joy at Work grants support projects that promote a culture of well-being in the work environment.  This includes community, collegiality, peer-support, respectful/supportive teamwork, a place where people get to know each other as people, feel heard when they voice concerns or suggestions, where they feel like they belong and where leadership is supportive of such a culture.

You may get ideas by attending our Inaugural Joy at Work Mini-Grant Symposium, where current (2023-2024) grantees will share their accomplishments.  This virtual event is available by zoom, March 21, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Come see what current grantees have done to foster well-being at work!!

Please register at:


1. Only applications submitted through REDCap will be accepted. We will not accept applications submitted by e-mail.

2. RBHS faculty and staff are eligible to apply. The work environment for the grant can include faculty, staff, team members and/or learners. Interprofessional activities are encouraged. The work environment can be clinical, academic, research, and/or administrative.

3. Grants from $500 to $1,500 will be awarded. Please provide descriptive justifications for each budget item.  We will not consider applications with sparse or vague budget justification.  Refreshments can be included but must not be the focus of the application. Rather, the emphasis should be on the process or program. Funds may cover the cost of a guest speaker.  Funds cannot cover travel, conferences, or personnel (e.g., will not cover stipends or time for an evaluator). We will not be able to consider applications with requests of ineligible budget items.

4. All qualified applications will be evaluated by a committee using the following criteria:

a. Target audience: The project should impact a culture or a group of individuals in their work together (not solely support individual wellness activities)

b. Creativity

c. The need for the project

d. The potential effect/impact of the project and meaningful evaluation of impact

e. Reasonableness and justification of the budget

f. Sustainability of the project (possibility of incorporating project activities in your future workplace)

5. Here is a preview of the proposal questions and word count limits that you will find on the REDCap application- remember to only use the REDCap form to apply.



REDCap application form:

We look forward to hearing from you!