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Joint Class with the University of Fukui

Our seminar had a joint class with Professor Ryuhei Hosoya’s class at the University of Fukui on May 14th, 2020. An article on the joint class appeared in Fukui Newspaper on May 15th!

Heated Discussion on Griffis

Fukui University x Rutgers University Joint Class

(partial translation)

In the evening of the 14th, Fukui University held an online joint class with its academic exchange partner, Rutgers University of America.  Rutgers is the alma mater of the American teacher W. E. Griffis (1843-1928) who was invited by the Fukui Domain in the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868-1912).  The students of Fukui, who are currently engaged in online learning due to COVID-19, participated from their homes. With much enthusiasm, the students exchanged their opinions about the relationship between Griffis and Fukui and his achievements as they furthered their learning.

Students of Rutgers University shared their online exhibition and presented their findings on the relationship between Fukui and Griffis. They explained in detail using various sources, such as Griffis’ schedule of classes and a photograph of a student in Fukui studying. During the discussion, they asked each other questions like “Why did you think of studying about Griffis?”

Tanaka Miori of Fukui University said, “It was very meaningful having an exchange among people who were drawn to Griffis.  I would like to learn from the research done by Rutgers students. It was also nice to know that they became fascinated by Fukui through Griffis.”