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All that you need to do to join the Rutgers SACNAS chapter is add your self to our Facebook Group and Email Listserv!

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Each year, the Rutgers SACNAS Chapter may elect the following officer positions:

  1. An elected President, who will preside over the meetings of the organization, and will help in developing membership and coordinating activities.
  2. Vice President, who will assume presidential responsibilities in the absence of the president, as well as help develop and coordinate outreach activities.
  3. Secretary, who will maintain accurate attendance and membership records, as well as minutes for meetings.
  4. Treasurer, who maintains and manages finances and keeps accurate financial records for both Rutgers University and the National Organization. Prepares and implements chapter budget. The treasurer keeps accounts, deposits the organization’s funds, and makes expenditures in a manner approved by GSA.
  5. Public Relations: Publicizes the program and events in local and area media. Provides distribution of published materials. Updates and maintains the Chapter website. Assists Vice President in developing and coordinating professional development.
  6. First Year’s Representative: Serves as a Liaison between the first year general members and the officers. Recruits first year graduate students to the organization with hopes of making them a crucial part of the chapter. Must be a first-year student and attend all the officer meetings. This representative shall be appointed no earlier than one month of the beginning of the academic year.
  7. National Liaison, who will be the primary contact with the SACNAS National Office, and will be in charge of submitting Chapter Annual Reports, chapter information, changes in by-laws, board members and contact information to the National Office. In addition, this officer will coordinate all activities involving the National Organization, such as the annual SACNAS National Conference.

If you are interested in applying for an officer position, please contact the current president of the chapter.