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Amber Nepravishta (2023 summer, Undergrad in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from project SUPER)
Mariam Haroun (2023 summer, Undergrad in Biology from Caldwell University via the RISE program)
Maxim Yurkov (2022-2023, Undergrad in Biochemistry)
Holly Cheng (2022 summer, Undergrad in Molecular Biology from the the Brangwynne lab at Princeton University)
Jack Nothnagel (2022 summer, Undergrad in Chemistry from Cornell University)
Moaaz Mahfooz (2022 summer, ACS Project SEED, Piscataway High School)
Mathew Wang (2020 – 2022, Undergrad in Physics and Biology, Graduated with High Honor)
Steven Arnold (2020 – 2022, Undergrad in Cell Biology & Neuroscience with minors in Economics and Nutrition. Graduated with Highest Honor)
Roberto Sul (2020 – 2021, Undergrad in Finance, minor in Chemistry)
Zeyu Lin (2019 – 2021, Master in Chemistry)
Ismail Mur (2019, Undergrad in Pharmacy)