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Zheng SHI

Assistant Professor

Zheng is an assistant professor in Chemistry and Chemical Biology and an associate member in Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers-New Brunswick. He is also a member of the Cancer Pharmacology Program

Bineet Sharma

Postdoc, 2022.06-

Bineet has obtained his PhD in Materials Science from JAIST, Japan. He has dual Master’s degrees in Chemistry (University of Delhi, India) and in Material Science (JAIST, Japan). In his


PhD student, 2019.10-

Huan obtained her B. S. in Polymer Science and Technology from Central South University in China in 2018, before she joined Dr. Shi’s group at Rutgers-New Brunswick as a graduate

Shilong YANG

PhD student, 2020.09-

2015-2019, B.S. in Chemistry, Nanjing University. Shilong joined Dr. Shi lab in 2020. He works on membrane mechanics and optogenetics. He likes tennis and RC.

Boxuan LI

PhD student, 2022.05 -

Boxuan obtained his B.E. degree in material science from Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, and M.S. degree in chemistry from Rutgers. Boxuan joined Dr. Shi’s lab in 2022 and

Yiling WANG

PhD student, 2022.12-

Yiling obtained her B.S. degree in chemistry from Nankai University in China. She joined Dr. Shi’s group in 2022. Her research involve membrane mechanics and mechanosensitive membrane proteins. In her


Rotating PhD student, 2023.06-

Joselyn obtained her BS in Chemistry – ACS Certified from the College of New Jersey in December 2022. She is an incoming PhD student to Rutgers University in Fall 2023


Rotating PhD student, 2023.09-

Lishana obtained her  BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, Sri Lanka in 2021. She is interested in studying the material properties of protein condensates. During free


Undergraduate student, 2023.01 -

Navya is currently a freshman majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University in the School of Arts and Sciences. She has published two cDNA clones on the National