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Love Data Week February 14-18, 2022

Love Data Week is an international yearly event that happens during the week of Valentine’s Day. This year’s theme is “Data are for everyone”. Love Data Week was started as a social media event in 2016 to promote awareness of data management, sharing, and preservation. It has grown since then into events that take place in person and online, often in academic libraries. Social media is still a part of this celebration of data- find it using the hashtag #LoveData22 this year. A listing of events happening all over the world can be found here.

Rutgers University Libraries in New Brunswick are offering a variety of data workshops throughout the week, for beginners through those with advanced skills, and applicable to a wide array of disciplines. In addition, each day we will feature a selected data resource that we find especially useful. Please see our website for more information about these workshops and resources. Want more? Check out all our data workshops on our calendar.