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Summer School on Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory

June 29-July 3, 2023


  • Location: Rutgers University Newark campus
  • Lectures will be 50 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion
  • Practical sessions (Hackathons and hands-on) will be 3.5 hours each
  • A 20-minute coffee break is scheduled for both morning and afternoon sessions
  • Any questions about the schedule should be directed to school organizers:
  • Breakfast is included in the registration cost
  • Admission is limited to 40 participants. Please, visit the registration page for details.
  • Once you are accepted to the 2023 TDDFT School, you are also supported to attend the 2023 TDDFT Workshop. If you opt to stay for the workshop, we will provide you with accommodation from June 29 to July 8 (including the gap day, July 4).

Topics to be covered in the school

  • Fundamentals of DFT
  • Fundamentals of TDDFT
  • Ensembles, derivative discontinuities
  • Non-adiabatic dynamics with TDDFT
  • Excitons with TDDFT or Time-dependent current DFT
  • TDDFT in Solution
  • Charge-transfer with TDDFT
  • Hands-on sessions: INQ code, Octopus code, DFTpy and Python coding

Confirmed school instructors

  • Xavier Andrade, LLNL
  • Andrew Baczewski, Sandia
  • Kieron Burke, UC Irvine
  • Basile Curchod, Durham U.
  • Hardy Gross, HU Jerusalem
  • Christine Isborn, UC Merced
  • Neepa Maitra, Rutgers-Newark
  • Michele Pavanello, Rutgers-Newark
  • Andre Schleife, UI Urbana-Champaign
  • Carsten Ullrich, U. of Missouri
  • Adam Wasserman, Purdue