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Third Annual Rutgers Translate-a-thon

The wonderful, entirely virtual third annual Rutgers Translate-a-thon took place on Feb. 19 2021. See the schedule below for details of translation projects to/from Spanish, Korean, and Russian, and the “Translating Culture” workshop. Thanks to all who participated! — we were so delighted to have you. Please stay tuned for the details of Translate-a-thon 2022, to be … Read More

Second Annual Rutgers Translate-a-Thon: February 28 2020

The 2020 Translate-a-Thon was a great success, with projects in Arabic, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Spanish. Projects included: Translating poetry and community partners’ documents from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, localizing video games, subtitling an episode of the Russian series “Оттепель” for use in the classroom, translating Wikipedia articles from French and English into … Read More