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August 11, 2021 PUBLISHED Xiaoran Chen’s JGR paper arguing that cratons are made of small distinct building blocks that maintain their differences forever

August 6. 2021 PUBLISHED Xiaoran Chen’s GRL paper on the lack of systematic texture in the lithosphere of cratons
June 23, 2021 PUBLISHED – Yiran Li’s paper on eastern North America lithosphere (3 generations of my students, Nikulin, Chen and Li co-authored this work!).
May 25, 2021. PUBLISHED – Dr. Xiaoran Chen’s  paper on predicting seismic waves in anisotropic medium; code available on our GitHub.
January 21, 2021 Receiver Function Analysis tools made available on GitHub @ 2021:021:21:00.

News and Updates

This is a new site made possible by the benevolent overlords of OIT. It will grow…

RUSeismology on GitHub

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Xiaoran Chen the Rutgers University Seismology group now has a landing page on GitHub. It will host software we use and develop. See Software tab in the navigation menu for details.

James Bourke’s paper on southern Costa Rica structure and geodynamics is accepted

This is Jim’s first paper as a first author, with all work done and manuscript written since his arrival at Rutgers in January of 2019. Co-authors are Vadim Levin, Ivonne Arroyo and Lepolt Linkimer.

Finally Fieldwork!

After a long wait and some careful planning I was fortunate to do a small amount of fieldwork in New England.  I serviced a few instruments of the New England Seismic Transect (NEST) array located along the Mohawk Trail in NY and MA. This is a collaboration with Maureen Long (Yale) and Paul Karabinos (Williams) that … Read More

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