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ANIMATIVITY  – Matlab framework for simulating plane wave propagation in horizontally layered medium with anisotropic seismic velocity of arbitrary orientation. The algorithm is described and documented in a PAGEOPH paper.  This software uses a reflectivity formalism originally implemented by Jeffrey Park, expanding it to accommodate anisotropy characterized by a full elastic tensor.


My research group (mostly Xiaoran Chen and Yiran Li, with help from James Bourke) prepared a new streamlined version of the software package for receiver function analysis using multitaper spectral correlation methodology.
Codes, scripts and a manual may be found on GitHub, here:
This package supersedes previously released recfunk09_pick set of tools that reside on SeisCode:
A very old set of synthetic seismogram codes for predicting plane wave propagation in horizontally layered anisotropic medium is also on SeisCode:
NOTICE: All codes are developed initially by Prof. Jeffrey Park of Yale University, packages linked to from this page are our versions with some changes that make them more portable. Most up to date and advanced versions of these codes can be obtained from him directly.
W A R N I N G:  these codes are in FORTRAN