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JOM paper on benchmarks

I am very happy to share that, right around the Thanksgiving eve, my sole-authored paper was accepted for publication with the Journal of Operations Management. In the paper, I use the newly develop Stochastic nonparametric envelopment of data (Stoned) method to study how benchmarks in the Value-based Purchasing Program affect hospitals’ progression along cost efficiency, clinical outcome, and patient experience. The results based on California hospitals from 2012 to 2019 suggest that benchmarks improve performance progressions, though their effects diminish over time. In addition, market competition slows down progression rate in cost efficiencies, and that clinical focus improves progression rates in curvilinear fashions.

Thank you, Jeff Smith and annomous AE and reviewers for helping reshape the paper. Thank you, Tyson Browning and Suzanne de Treville, for your leadership at JOM and your support over the past years. Also want to thank Gregory Heim, Rogelio Oliva, Rich Metters for your insights to the study during my visit at Mays Business School – Texas A&M University.