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The main accommodation options for ACAL51 are listed below. Participants worried about the cost of booking a room can find someone to share the room with. For those who may have difficulty finding a person to share a hotel room with, we created a sign-up sheet to help you find other people. Please note that you’re entirely responsible for contacting the people on the list and for arranging how to split the payment.

  • Rutgers University Inn : The nightly rate is $99. Please keep in mind that this is a relatively small Inn and is likely to book up very quickly.
  • Days Hotel : We have about 25 rooms reserved with Days Hotel (as of 2/14/20). The nightly rate is $99/night for three (3) nights. There is 2 double queen beds or 1 king bed per room.
  • Holiday Inn Express : As of 2/14/20, we have about 20 rooms reserved at $139/night, for three (3) nights. Each rooms includes 2 double queen beds or 1 king bed. Please use the code RDL when booking at Holiday Inn Express.
  • For more hotels in the New Brunswick area, please visit here, but make sure the hotels you choose are at a reasonable distance from the conference venue (i.e Academic Building, 15 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick, NJ 08901).

Alternatively, there are lodging options through Airbnb.