The Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol or  (Q. J. Stud. Alcohol), ISSN: 0033-5649 (currently called the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs), was founded in 1940 by Howard W. Haggard, M.D., director of Yale University’s Laboratory of Applied Physiology.

Dr. Haggard was a physiologist studying the effects of alcohol on the body, and he started the Journal as a way to publish the increasing amount of research on alcohol use, abuse, and treatment that emerged from Yale and other institutions in the years following the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

In addition to original research, the Journal also published abstracts summarizing other published documents dealing with alcohol. More on the JSAD homepage

Supplements to the journal were published starting from 1961. Most of them are available online with subscription.

The Editorial Board consisted of prominent scholars of the field.

List of Editors (1940-present)

Howard W. Haggard (1940-1958)
Mark Keller (1959-1976)
Timothy G. Coffey (1977-1980)
Mark Keller (1981-1983)
Jack H. Mendelson and Nancy K. Mello (1984-1991)
John A. Carpenter (1992-1994)
Mark Schuckit (1995-2015)
Thomas F. Babor (2015-current)