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Moyer, Morgan, and Bruce Tesar. (2019). Enforcing restrictiveness through ranking induction in the Output-Driven Learner (PDF). Presented at The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, New York City. January 4, 2019.

Talk Slides

Tesar, Bruce. (2015). Contrast in the time of ODP. Talk, RULing X, Rutgers University, May 3. Talk slides published in Short ‘schrift for Alan Prince, compiled by Eric Baković.

Tesar, Bruce. (2014). Phonological learning with output-driven maps (PDF). Talk, Eighth North American Phonology Conference (NAPhC8), Concordia University, May 9.

Tesar, Bruce. (2011). Expressing (most of) Phonotactic Knowledge as Contrast (PDF). Talk, Northeast Computational Phonology Circle (NECPhon5), Yale University, October 15.

Tesar, Bruce. (2009). Error detection and alternation subsets (PDF). Talk, Northeast Computational Phonology Circle (NECPhon3), MIT, October 24.