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BHI-CAHBIR PIlot Grants for RU-NB faculty:

To facilitate scanning at CAHBIR, we are pleased to offer two grant opportunities for RU-NB faculty.  In addition to scanning on CAHBIR’s state of the art Siemens Prisma 3T magnet, researchers can propose studies that utilize CAHBIR’s new transcranial magnetic stimulator and EEG facilities, which will be available beginning in January 2024. Two different awards are available this fall.  The full research pilot is for $100,000 spread over two years and is designed to encourage ambitious projects.  These proposals require an R21-style application. Smaller minigrants for $35,000 area also available and utilize a brief 3-page proposal format. Funds for both types of grants can be used for a combination of scanning fees, TMS, EEG, technical support for analyses, subject participation fees, with a percentage of funds can also be used toward nonfaculty staff effort.

The application deadline is November 1st, 2023. Link to RFPs are below

CAHBIR 100K Pilot Grant for RU-NB RFP-2023Fall-final

CAHBIR Mini Pilot Grant for RU-NB RFP-2023Fall_final