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Mission & Vision

The center aims to facilitate high quality human neuroscience research aimed at understanding brain-behavior relationships in both health and disease. In addition to hosting MRI facilities, the center aims to develop neuroimaging research at Rutgers through a combination of pilot scanning programs for researchers, development and consultation for sequence optimization, services to assist with image analyses, and workshops on the latest techniques and analysis strategies.




The development of a research-dedicated neuroimaging facility has been a major goal of the Rutgers Brain Health Institute for several years. In 2019, Rutgers committed to purchase a magnet for the center and to renovate space to house the new center.  David Zald, Ph.D. joined the faculty in 2020 to direct the new center. Although slowed by the pandemic, construction on the required renovations began in January 2021, and will be completed by the end of May 20221.The center will open its doors in June 2021.