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Come work at CAHBIR.  We currently have openings for the following positions, with competitive salary and benefits:

1) Lead MRI Technologist

The Lead Technologist will oversee running MRI study procedures and ensures that all safety procedures are followed. The Lead Technologist will be expected to work with a wide array of MRI procedures, including fMRI, DTI, spectroscopy, ASL, sequences aimed at maximizing temporal and spatial resolution, and scans with contrast agents.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Performs all imaging procedures according to IRB approved protocols.
  • Evaluates study subject’s history for compatibility with the imaging system and technique.
  • Seeks out resources to obtain necessary documentation about device safety when necessary.
  • Screens scans for possible incidental findings.
  • Performs routine clinical research protocols, including (but not limited to) administering IV contrast agents and pregnancy screening tests.
  • Maintains expert knowledge of running and setting up 3T protocols.

2) Programmer Image Analyst II

The Programmer Analyst II will performs analysis, design, programming, testing, debugging, and documentation of programs to solve medium to complex problems in neuroimaging research.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Implements and integrates advanced neuroimaging analysis tools.
  • Evaluates and resolves software problems for existing neuroimaging analysis pipelines and packages.
  • Designs and develops application programs for neuroimaging processing, data transfer and analysis.
  • Implements scripts to facilitate the integration of different sources of data (MRI, Eye tracking, EEG, behavioral data).
  • Develops and manages project plans.
  • Prepares program descriptions and documentation both for newly developed and existing neuroimaging analysis pipeline.

3) Post-doctoral Fellow in Neuroimaging.

The post-doctoral fellow will work on NIH funded studies examining the neural correlates of dimensional features of psychopathology and affective neuroscience questions. Please contact directly regarding post-doctoral opportunities.