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It’s Move In Day!

Ready to unpack
The Prisma control room is ready to be set up for use.

One July 1, 2021, Rutgers IP&O obtained a temporary certificate of occupancy for the CAHBIR labs, which marks the end of construction and grants permission for us to occupy the space. So, today, July 2nd, we are moving in and setting up our new offices and the equipment that will be used at the scanner. It still has that new scanner smell!

By the middle of next week, we expect to have all the critical stimulus and scanner equipment running, and we will begin to test the scanner on its first human subjects. Those data will be used to optimize reference protocols that can be used as trusted starting points for the development of all new customized protocols. Not long after that, CAHBIR will be able to fully open and begin operations and safety training for all users.

Regular updates will be sent to all PIs who will use the center, and as other students and staff complete safety training, they will be automatically added to the CAHBIR announcement e-mail list. If you want to stay up to date before those lists are active, be sure to follow @Rutgers_CAHBIR on Twitter, and check back on this site for updates.