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Level 1 Training Signups Open

UPDATE: Due to circumstances arising from extreme weather, the Level 1 training sessions scheduled for Friday, September 3 have been canceled. Extra spots have been added to next week’s calendar, and you can use the same link below to sign up for them.


We are ready to start providing the safety training that will be required for all personnel who will routinely attend MRI scans in CAHBIR. The only requirement will be to attend one of the five Level 1 safety sessions offered over the next two weeks. If it is impossible for you to attend one of these five sessions, we can provide more sessions, but we strongly encourage you to attend of these if you can. Due to scheduling constraints, it might not be possible to schedule additional training sessions for a few weeks, and that might unnecessarily delay the start of your research project.

There will be a short and simple written test after the session to ensure that everyone comprehends the critical safety topics presented.

The sessions will all take place in CAHBIR. Meet in the CAHBIR reception area (SRB room 116). The sessions will start on time, so, please arrive a few minutes early if you’re not familiar with the new space and how to get here. Parking is available in lot 58C. You will need a Rutgers parking permit to park there – either an employee permit or visitor permit. If you use GPS to get directions to CAHBIR, search for Rutgers lot 58C, otherwise, you risk being directed to the front entrance of the building, which is locked and has no parking available. Or, you can use this link to Google Maps, which will bring you directly to the correct building entrance. The door to SRB that faces lot 58C will be open, and the CAHBIR reception is just inside and on the right. All other building access will be locked. Masks are required in CAHBIR for vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, in conformance with policies set forth by Rutgers University.

Sign up for a session at:

Be sure to follow @Rutgers_CHABIR on Twitter.

If you have any questions, please contact us at