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Cristina Montagna, PhD

Division of Radiation Cancer Biology

Dr. Montagna is a cancer biologist with extensive expertise in molecular cytogenetic and cell biology. Her laboratory has contributed significant work to the field of oncogene discovery, genomic instability in cancer, and age-related tissue degeneration. Dr. Montagna trained with Prof. Renato Dulbecco (1975 Nobel Laureate for the discovery of SV40 DNA integration in oncogenically transformed cells) in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes discovery using in culture systems of tumorigenesis. As a second postdoc, she was mentored by Dr. Thomas Ried, Chief of Cancer Genetics at NIH, who established Spectral Karyotyping (SKY), an advanced molecular cytogenetic technique based on Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) to simultaneously visualize all human chromosomes using pools of chromosome painting probes with unique chromatic properties. As an independent investigator Dr. Montagna continued functional work on oncogene discovery, especially in breast and cervical carcinogenesis. More recently she studied the functional consequences of genomic instability, particularly aneuploidy, on cell fitness to reveal molecular mechanisms that underlie age related increased risk to develop cancer. She is versed with second and third generation sequencing and she has applied these methodologies to single cell analyses of cancer cells. Throughout her training and independent career, Dr. Montagna gained expertise in molecular biology, cancer genetics and FISH techniques.



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