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“Welcome to the website of Division of Radiation Physics, the Department of Radiation Oncology of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.”

The roles of the Radiation Physics Division are to provide clinical support, education of radiological physics, and to conduct research and development. Much of the technological advancement in radiation oncology is attributed to the application of physics in medicine. Treatment planning, dosimetry measurement, machine calibration, system quality assurance, implementation and introduction of new technologies and new equipment are all part of the clinical support radiation physicists and dosimetrists routinely provide. Radiation physicists and dosimetrists are also responsible for teaching principles of radiological physics and various dosimetric techniques to radiation oncology residents, medical physics residents, and dosimetrist students. Our CAMPEP accredited medical physics residency program, medical physics certificate program, and affiliated medical dosimetrist program have trained many medical physicists and dosimetrists who are now practicing across the country.  One of the major responsibilities and missions of our radiation physics group is to actively initiate and participate in research and development of new techniques, technologies and clinical protocols.


Ning J. Yue, PhD
Professor & Chief
Division of Radiation Physics