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Daniela Staquicini, Ph.D.

Division of Cancer Biology

Dr. Staquicini earned her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the Federal University of São Paulo in Brazil. She completed her postdoctoral research training at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. She was mentored by Dr. Renata Pasqualini and Dr. Wadih Arap, renowned pioneers in the field of phage display technology for translational applications in cancer biology and drug development. Dr. Staquicini’s research focuses on the application of phage display to identify receptor-guided transport pathways for the safe delivery of particles, agents, and vaccines through the lung alveolar surface. She has published three articles in this field including two peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals related to the development of vaccine candidates for COVID-19. The work resulted in two patents licensed to biotechnology companies for further development. She has also achieved success in publishing original peer-reviewed manuscripts on molecular theranostics, targeted drug development, and molecular parasitology. In addition to her independent projects, she has a long-standing collaborative program with Dr. Pasqualini and Dr. Arap in pulmonary delivery, vaccine development, and ligand-directed drug delivery and imaging for the management of human diseases. Dr. Staquicini mentors graduate students, staff, and postdoctoral trainees in the Department of Radiation Oncology.



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