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Xiao Wang, PhD

Division of Radiation Physics

Dr. Wang was born and raised in China where she completed her undergraduate studies in Wuhan University with physics major. She received her PhD in medical physics from University of Wisconsin-Madison. During graduate school, she worked on the development of strain imaging and quantitative ultrasound techniques on carotid plaque and evaluated the relationship between plaque vulnerability and cognition decline. Dr. Wang joined Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as an Assistant Professor, after completing a residency in Medical Physics in the Radiation Oncology Department. Her current research interests focus on general radiological physics, proton therapy and imaging based clinical outcome study.



  • Best in Physics Award for AAPM 59th Annual Meeting Awarded by AAPM August 2017
  • The 4th Annual Standard Imaging Travel Award for AAPM 55th Annual Meeting Awarded by Standard Imaging Foundation August 2013



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