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Architectures, algorithms, and protocols for emerging distributed systems and the Internet of Things.

I am a member of the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute at Rutgers University where my research is focused on reaching the next level of adaptative behavior in Internet of Things systems and applications.

This research involves the development of architectures, algorithms, and protocols for emerging systems in the Computing Continuum, with regards to Data management and Energy efficiency concerns. It crosses traditional discipline boundaries and requires thinking across multiple layers of system and protocol stacks.

Current Students:

  • Zeina Houmani (Computer Science, ENS Lyon, France), with Dr. Eddy Caron


Selected News

Outstanding Paper Award in Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact (AAAI-20)

Our paper entitled “A Distributed Multi-Sensor Machine Learning Approach to Earthquake Early Warning” was selected in the Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact track at AAAI-20. This work addresses the challenges of characterizing earthquake and issuing broadcast alerts in a matter of seconds by relying on an effective use of scientific instruments and large-scale detection. As … Read More

Two papers accepted at CCGrid2020

Two papers accepted at the 20th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGrid2020, rank A) next May in Melbourne. “Enhancing microservices architectures using data-driven discovery and QoS guarantees”. This work proposes a service discovery framework using a data-centric approach while ensuring performance guarantees for microservices. First publication of Zeina Houmani, my very … Read More

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