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“Urgent Analytics Across the Computing Continuum” short talk at SC20 UrgentHPC Workshop

In this talk I explore how the computing continuum, spanning resources at the edges, in the core and in-between, can be harnessed to support urgent science, Early Earthquake Warning (EEW) in particular, and present a system stack that can enable the fluid integration of distributed analytics across a dynamic infrastructure. Specifically, I will describe programming … Read More

Vision talk on “Harnessing the Computing Continuum for Urgent Science” at DCC2020

Prof. Parashar presented a Vision Talk titled “Harnessing the Computing Continuum for Urgent Science” at the International Workshop on Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC 2020) held in conjunction with ACM SIGMETRICS 2020, May 2020. Abstract: Urgent science describes time-critical, data-driven scientific workflows that can leverage distributed data sources in a timely way to facilitate important decision … Read More