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Welcome to Edwin’s svādhyāya-śālā

On the ongoing request of those outside the academic community, especially yoga practitioners, non-specialists interested in Indian philosophy, general spiritual seekers, and the intellectually curious, Edwin conducts periodic, online studies of primary yoga philosophy texts (svādhyāya), in the mood of making Sanskrit knowledge systems accessible to anyone interested.  The courses are free, and all are welcome to avail of them, but those who have the means and the inclination are welcome in accordance with dharma to voluntarily give an honorarium or donation of their choice, as per tradition (guru dakiṇā), half of which will go to Edwin’s charity in India.


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Sanskrit Grammar Course

(ongoing May 2024  – May 2025)

                                      first meeting:  MAY 3rd- 6pm to 8 pm

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As always, the svādhyāya is by voluntary donation – everyone is requested to give something according to means and inclination (no one is monitoring) – half of which goes to the gōśālā charity outlined on the website (if anyone wishes to see my receipts contact me privately).


Sanskrit Grammar Book


All svādhyāya video links available here.


0. April 6th Introduction to course


1. May 3rd –6pm to 8 pm EST


2. May 17th-  6pm to 8 pm EST


3May 31st  1pm to 3pm EST  – 6pm to 8pm GMT   TIME CHANGE!!

From this last May session,

all times will be adjusted weekly,

please refer to the site !


4. June 14th-  2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


5. June 28th2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


6. July 12th- 2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


7.  July 26th- 2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


8.  Aug 9th- 2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


9.  Aug 23rd- 2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


10.  Sept 6th- 2pm to 4pm EST 7pm to 9pm GMT


11.  Sept 20th -2pm to 4pm EST – 7pm to 9pm GMT


Dates and times onwards to be determined..


Next Svādhyāya session: Yoga Sūtras

padas III & IV

date to be determined

(between mid July and mid Sept 2024)


Svādhyāya text


Schedule (all times are in EST):


For previous svādhyāya courses uploaded online, click here.

Edwin’s Charity in India