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Welcome to Edwin’s svādhyāya-śālā

Edwin conducts periodic, online studies of primary yoga philosophy texts (svādhyāya) aimed at those outside the academic community, especially yoga practitioners, non-specialists interested in Indian philosophy, general spiritual seekers, and the intellectually curious. The courses are free, and all are welcome, but those who have the means are expected in accordance with dharma to give a donation of their choice, as per tradition (guru dakiṇā), half of which will go to Edwin’s charity in India.

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The next four part, two-hour long svādhyāya sessions will be on the Sāṃkhya Kārikā.  This is the primary text of the Sāṃkhya School – it plays the same canonical role for Sāṃkhya as the Yoga Sūtras play for Yoga. We can note that actually Yoga and Sāṃkhya were originally one system (as the Gītā also notes: V.3-4), with Sāṃkhya occupying itself primarily with the metaphysics of prakṛti, and Yoga with the practices leading to puruṣa. A clearer engagement with the metaphysics of Sāṃkhya, then, contributes to a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy and psychology. Time permitting, we will also engage the Īśvara-focused Sāṃkhya of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa. If this svādhyāya is successful, we might undertake a study of the Upaniṣads next.

This Sāṃkhya workshop will take place over 5 Friday evenings, 6-8 pm EST. The 5 dates are Dec 4th, 11th & 18th, 2020; and Jan 8th & 15, 2021.  Please make sure you have the texts with you which you can download here. The link for the workshop is:

Please pass this information along to anyone in your social circles who might be interested.  For information about future yoga svādhyāya sessions please provide your name and email address here. (For information about workshops organized by yoga studios, see:
Workshops on study of Yoga texts organized by Yoga Studios.)

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