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Each spring, the Aresty Research Center hosts a university-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium. A celebration of scholarship and creative activity, the Symposium is a chance for undergraduates to present a paper or poster on their findings to an audience of faculty, peers, and corporate and community partners.

The research presentations at the Symposium range across the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts. This unique event, which is one of the largest undergraduate research celebrations in the country, is a rare opportunity to engage with some of the most exciting research at Rutgers all in one place.

This year, the symposium has moved to a virtual space to address the current environment and ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and people who would normally attend this event.


Presenters for 2020:  (Click the project title to see the presentation.)


DavidShafieiMorphological and Quantitative Analysis of Microglial Cells in Response to Chronic Fentanyl Exposure

First name Last Name Project Title
Ahmed Abdelhamid In planta single-molecule imaging and holographic force spectroscopy to study real-time, multimodal turnover dynamics of polysaccharides and associated carbohydrate metabolites
Ashley Abrams The Young Elected Leaders Project
Oyinade Adebayo Early Childhood Education Policy
Enmar Alharfoush Epigenetic Role of Adenosine Kinase
Sandra Ashamalla Assessing Sex Differences in Corticosterone Model of Depression
Echezonachi Asimama-Duruaku Effects of CD44 on REDD1 Protein in mTOR Signaling Pathway in Breast Cancer Cells
Vamsi Krishna Ayyala Sanitizer efficacy in preventing cross-contamination during retail preparation of whole and fresh-cut cantaloupe
Devin Barzallo Failing with Friends:  When Social Experiences Minimize Feelings of Self-Control Failure
Monika Baskaran Participation in and Evaluation of a Regional Community-Based Health Coalition Project
Allyson Bazer The Effect of Chemogenetic DREADD Manipulation in the Ventral Dentate Gyrus of Chronically Stressed Females on the Behavioral Antidepressant Response
Tyler Becker Obstacle Avoidance Strategies for Semi-autonomous Ground Vehicles
Anusha Bharadia Optogenetics and antidepressants: Illuminating the Circuitry Behind Depression
Michelle Bilotti Examining the Alterations of Microglia dynamics in a Zebrafish Model
Natalia Blaustein Time Perspective and Video Game Preference
Olivia Boss A comparative study of diet and dental microwear in Platyrrhine molars
Himesh Buch Agent-Based Modelling of Economic Systems
Aliya Caldwell Microplastic ingestion by terns: mechanism, risk, and implications
Hannah Calvelli Nanotherapeutics for Immune Modulation in Parkinson’s Disease and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Michael Campbell Fibroblast Growth Factor 15 (FGF15) Suppresses NASH Development in Mice
Windia Cassy Film and Health Administration
Angela Cervera Film and Health Administration
Matthew Chan Microplastic Effect on Three Zebrafish Cardiac Genes
Yuan Cheng Quality Analysis of 3D-Printed Parts
Hannaan Choudhry Osmolytes and Hofmeister Salts Dynamically Regulate and Promote Mutant Huntingtin Aggregation
Jeremy Cleeman Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Embedded Electronics
Tonai Crockett The Visual Art and Science of Polynomiography: Part II
Arielle D’Elia vRAGE-ELP Fusion Protein for Diabetic Chronic Wounds
Pooja Deshpande Microglial Development in Valproic Acid Treated Postnatal Mice
Shannon Duffy Teaching Adaptation Interactively: Hands-On v App
Maria Duque Development of Extrusion or Material Jetting Based Bioprinting Constructs and Bioprinters
Ashley Egert Responses to Disclosures of Sexual Orientation: Are Recipient Responses as Accepting as They Think?
Robert Esposito Bilingual child language development: heritage and second language learners
of Spanish
Dalia Fanik Determining the Frequency that Leads to Optimal Detection of Cell Membrane Permeabilization
Sarah Farhan A Randomized Clinical Trial of Persistence Targeting Smoking Cessation in those with Severe Mental Illness
Angeli Fernandez Rules versus Discretion – An Analysis of the FOMC’s Historical Record
Avery Field Effects of Semantic Processing on VOT of Voiced Stops in Spanish L2 Learners
Ashley Fowler Heterotopias
Joyce Franco Costa Rica-Panama Border 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake and Aftershocks: Distribution of Sources, Nature of Faulting, and Tectonic Significance
Bryce Griffin Feature interaction detection and resolution in highly-complex engineered systems: applications in automotive systems
Molly Griffith Youth with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Single Case Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Classroom Based  Services
Natasha Griffith Predicting Cocaine Addictive Behaviors from Sign/Goal Tracking Behavior in Rats
Samuel Hammer Analysis of Affective State During Chronic Fentanyl Use and Withdrawal in Rats
Jingzhou Hao The Structural and Stoichiometry Study of the Interaction Between Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Integrase and Host Brd3 Protein ET Domain
Yuexing Hao From Pictures to Stories – Using Machine Learning Technology
Steven Hernandez Life and Death
Liam Hiester Role of Cypin in Neuroprotection After Spinal Cord Injury
Alan Huang Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Transportation Safety
Ryan Hutton A Socioecological Approach to Identify Coastal Protection Zones for Vulnerable Coastal Communities – Sayreville South River
Lan Huynh Data Analytics for Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing
Shahriar Islam The Cardiovascular Mechanisms of Interoceptive Awareness: Effects of Cardiac Resonance Paced Breathing
Neil Joshi Osteoimmunomodulation using biomaterials: The study of interactions between macrophages and mesenchymal stem cells on tyrosol-derived polymers
Jay Joshi Dissecting the Role SPC105R Plays in the Meiotic Kinetochore Function of Oocytes
Mythili Kanagala Purifying Low-Volume Polymer Libraries with Gel Filtration Columns
Emily Kapr Establishing a Local Geoid Model in Costa Rica
Airshpreet Kaur Inhibition of HDAC3 Modulates Neuronal Memory for Vocal Formation in Zebra Finches
Amin Khan Social Determinants of Health and Sleep Outcomes
Ibtihaj Khan Eugenic Sterilization in North Carolina
Purva Khanapure Corticosterone induced depression and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor in a murine model
Brittany Klimek Studying the
Erica Koplitz Game Science
Caroline Kratka Using Activator Binding Site Inhibitors To Understand Chromosomal Passenger Complex Function In Mouse Oocytes
Stefany Lazieh Characterizing Interactions between Akt2 PH Domain and PIPs
Shunyao Lei Isolation and Characterization of Exosomes from Human Amniotic Membranes
Rahma Leil Modulation of Photoactivation process of CdS-ZnS core-shell type Quantum Dots due to illumination with UV-Light
Weixian Liang Thomas A. Edison in New Jersey Story Map
Tonia Liu Exercise as a Stress-intervention Method in a Mouse Model of Autism
Federico Liu Yang Visualization of Flood Modeling Results Using Augmented Reality
Louise Jade Logronio Participation in and Evaluation of a Regional Community-Based Health Coalition Project
Debbie Ma Differences in Neurogenesis Between Responders and Nonresponders
Rosa Martinez Determining Landslide Susceptability in the Cordillera Talamanca, Costa Rica
Eliana Mercedes The Role of Family: The effects of Primary Socialization on the Racial-Ethnic Identity Formation of Latinxs
Mahinaz Mohsen Assessment of Memory Strength and Song Imitation Enhancement Following Epigenetic Modulation in Juvenile Zebra Finches
Celine Molfetta Stabilizing Osmolytes Drive Mutant Huntingtin Aggregation And Alleviate CREB Dysfunction In HD Cell Models
Kevin Montain An Investigation of Fishing Communities’ Adaptation Strategies and Disappearances
Eva Niemeijer Life experiences of adolescents in medical and non-medical contexts
Onyinye Nnajiofor A Randomized Clinical Trial of Persistence Targeted Smoking Cessation in those with Severe Mental Illness
Lindsey Marie Panes Self-presentation in Climate Change Conversations
Elizabeth Park Synthesis and Exploration of the Reactivity of a Chiral ansa-Bis(indenyl) Zirconocene Bearing a Chiral Backbone Derived from L-tartaric Acid
Jenna Patel Participation in and Evaluation of a Regional Community-Based Health Coalition Project
Paisley Payne Role of the Neuropeptide OFQ/N in Neuroinflammation
Nikita Persikov Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control System Design for a Fixed-Wing UAV
Frankie Pignataro Communicating Organizational Change to Create More Faculty Diversity and Retention
Yingru Qiu Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Transportation Safety
Varun Raghuraman Optimization of Acoustic Force Spectroscopy Software Using Data Science Methods
Jessica Rallo Student Exercise and Sleep Timing (SiESTa) Study
Melanie Ruiz Neural correlates of cost-benefit decision making in drug addiction
Anton Ryjov Computational Modeling and Molecular Simulation of Nanomaterials
Alejandro Salvador-Garcia Silicon nanowire sensors
Puru Saxena Computational Simulation of Spherical Diffusion Flame Dynamics and Extinction in Microgravity
Jenna Schneck The Ramapough Lunappe and the Ringwood Mines Superfund Site – History, Culture, Education, and Environmental Justice
David Shafiei Morphological and Quantitative Analysis of Microglial Cells in Response to Chronic Fentanyl Exposure
Chantell Shalack A regional comparison of food acquisition and consumption behavior of WIC Recipients in the United States
Diana Shemtov The influence of anxiety and depression on error-related brain activity
Arthur Shustorovich The Role of Disclosure Motivations in Shaping Disclosure Experiences for those with Concealable Stigmatized Identities
Harjeet Singh Woodrow Wilson’s Battlefront of Gender and Language: The Usage of Gender by the Wilson Presidency and US Newspapers in discussing World War I Involvement
Adam Sirusas Understanding the basis of coral resilience to fluctuating environmental conditions
Joshua Stein Synthesis of Amphiphilic C70 Derivatives for Biomedical Applications
Katelyn Sudak Identification of microRNAs that Regulate Activation through a PTBP1-Dependent Process in Jurkat Cells
Dylan Sullivan Electrophysiological changes in sensory encoding may reflect experience-dependent plasticity specific to opioid and cocaine-associated cues
Vanessa Suntay Perceptions of Physical Activity Among Individuals with Autism
Kirsten Sutterlin Physical Fitness and Sleep in College Students
Aashka Suvarnakar Inhibition of lateral hypothalamic orexin neurons on binge-like eating behavior in mice
Zenobia Tamboly Risk Analysis and Management for New Jersey Food Supply Chain
Yingxin Tan A Regional Comparison of Food Acquisition and Consumption Behavior of WIC Recipients in the United States
Elizabeth Titova Mechanisms underlying airway hyperresponsiveness
Honson Tran A Deep Learning Approach For Marker-less Cerebral Palsy Classification Using Gait Video
Albert Tran Artificial Intelligence-Aided Railroad Trespassing Data Analytics: Methodology and A Case Study
Natalie Turner Revealing the evolution of genetic regulatory networks underlying the fin-to-limb transition
Srinithi Vasudevan Film and Health Administration
Michelle Wang Analysis of Glutamine Synthetase (GS) Expression in Mice during Lactation
Jeremy Westaway Sex Differences in Addiction: The Role of Hippocampal Monoamines
Liam White Using Dielectrophoresis to Separate Silicon Nanowires Based on Their Electronic Properties
Olivia Windos Effects of Exercise on Neurocardiac Responses to a Sad Mood Induction
Cassandra Winz The Effects Of Pesticide Exposure On Behavioral Changes And Microglia Morphology In Zebrafish
Leah Wisniewski Economics Honors Research
Chanina Wong Privilege and Burden: The Mississippi Delta Chinese
Mingyao Xiao Inverting the Diffusion Equation with Quantum Annealing
Felicia Zangari WAM! Women in Art Music
Ruiming Zhang Modeling and Operations of Manufacturing Systems for Individualized Products
Yifan Zhao IoT sensing technology for intelligent packaging applications
Wenrui Zhao An Investigation of Fishing Communities’ Adaptation Strategies and Disappearances