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Brian Ding


Part of the Class of 2023, Brian is a P3 student, and this year’s PGC President. Brian has also been involved in both ISPOR and DIA. His favorite things to do in his free time are play the piano, go to the gym, and read! Fun Fact: Brian’s bias is Yoongi!! (#BTSARMY)

Boseong Kang

Vice President Internal

Part of the Class of 2023, Boseong is this year’s Internal Vice President. He has held positions in NCPA, PPAG, CPNP and IPhO, and is part of the Honors College. He is also involved with the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology as a research assistant. Some of his hobbies are napping and cooking. For the

Rebecca Lee

Vice President External

Part of the Class of 2024, Rebecca is this year’s PGC Vice President External. She has also worked as a pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy. Her favorite hobbies are watching shows/movies, baking, painting, journaling, knitting, and photography. Fun fact: Rebecca’s favorite chips are spicy chips, like Taki’s and Flaming Hot Cheetos!

Sungjae Lee


Part of the Class of 2024, Sungjae is a P2 and this year’s Treasurer. Sungjae is also involved in AMCP, Class Council, and Hilltop Embrace. He also has experience as a research assistant with Honors Research, Harvard Medical School, EMSOP HOPE, and Aresty. During his free time, he enjoys shopping, cooking, and going to the

Kasja Dymek

Corresponding Secretary

Part of the Class of 2024, Kasja is this year’s Corresponding Secretary. Kasja is also involved in ACCP as historian, Lamda Kappa Sigma as treasurer, PLS, and the varsity and club Rutgers Swimming and Diving programs. She also interns at CVS pharmacy and a local independent pharmacy. Her hobbies include weight lifting, cooking, and finding

Sinduja Sivakumar

Recording Secretary

Part of the Class of 2025, Sinduja is this year’s PGC Recording Secretary. Sinduja is also involved in APhA-ASP Project as pediatrics head chair, NJSHP, Rutgers AIR as the public relations chair, and Alpha Omega Epsilon. She also has experience as a student researcher under Rutgers’ Pharmacology & Toxicology department. During her free time, she

Omer Abdel-Wahab

University Senator

Part of the Class of 2025, Omer is this year’s University Senator. He is involved in CPNP and has worked as a pharmacy technician at a community pharmacy. His hobbies include powerlifting, yoga, meditation, and playing bass. Fun fact: He is currently learning how to lucid dream!