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August 2018 Update

As you may know, Rutgers launched the Student Experience Improvement Initiative (SEII) in November 2015 to evaluate and improve the quality of student services, our business processes, and the systems that we use to manage student data. SEII reflects the University’s commitment to transforming the student experience in ways that are consistent with a leading national research institution. This includes launching a universitywide, cloud-based student information system (SIS).

Integrating data from multiple systems into a single SIS will bring about significant benefits. To maximize the value of a consolidated SIS, we will analyze our practices and, in some cases, adjust current business processes to fit the system configuration. For example, administrative staff in student-facing roles or departments will have a more complete view of students’ data, and manual processes will be reduced to a minimum. This will create the foundation for better quality interactions with students, fewer handoffs between departments, and shorter turnaround times to resolve inquiries.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce that Rutgers University is partnering with Oracle to use its Student Cloud information system. Oracle is the best partner to help us accomplish our SEII goals. They are experienced in working with institutions of higher education, and have already implemented some of the Student Cloud modules at other universities. They are working closely with us in order to help us realize our goal of a single student information system that will better serve both our students and the staff who work with them. It is critical to our long-term success that we work together to identify, align and, where appropriate, adjust our Rutgers internal business processes to take full advantage of the Student Cloud capabilities and features that Oracle offers. This partnership is a unique opportunity for Rutgers University to contribute to Oracle’s Student Cloud functionality and roadmap in a way that will best serve our students, employees, and the University.