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The decision management structure provides cross-team alignment to effectively address and escalate decisions, while project management processes and resources enable a strong project governance and also supports an inclusive model for program execution.

We are committed to understanding who our stakeholders are, providing you with clear and concise information, and hearing your voices throughout the project lifecycle. We will build into our plan targeted engagement points with each stakeholder group, including students, faculty, staff, and administrators with the aim of providing the Rutgers community with timely updates on project progress, what to expect in the future, and how they will be impacted. We also will manage concerns and gain commitment from stakeholders throughout each project phase.

  • Students will test new designs, provide communications input and support, provide feedback on configuration, and give first-hand insight into the needs of the student community.
  • Faculty input will be integral in ensuring faculty needs are met and tools are designed in accordance with academic policies and practices.
  • Staff will represent campus and unit needs, refine processes, test designs, and provide feedback on configuration.

Our Commitment:

  • Keep students, staff and faculty at the center of our work: your leadership and involvement are key to success.
  • Ensure campus processes are evaluated, standardized, and simplified for sustainability and optimal service to campus.
  • Prevent unnecessary customization, which can have an adverse effect on the overall value of the system and student experience.
  • Provide on-going communication to students, staff and faculty who will use the new system.
  • Ensure the vendor selected has successful integration and implementation experience.
  • Finalize business process review changes early in the process.
  • Ensure integration design is early enough.
  • Ensure there is sufficient time and participation from across the units, schools, and Chancellor units.
  • Provide a live demonstration of the system early in the process.
  • Include business process changes in training sessions.