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Release 1 Complete

On November 3, we successfully completed Oracle Student Financial Planning (OSFP) Release 1 – ISIR Loads. A key activity in this release included bringing over 57,000 student bio/demo records into OSFP from our two legacy student systems via custom integrations. We then enabled configuration to allow automatic file transfer with the federal government, and Rutgers began to load ISIRs (Institutional Student Information Record) for the 2022-2023 academic year in OSFP. Automated processes match these ISIR records to student bio/demo records and assign required documents.

With the production environment go live, the team is monitoring these processes via custom and delivered reports in OSFP. This includes monitoring inbound and outbound file exchanges with the Department of Education, ISIR loading, document assignment, and integration and application errors.

The completion of this release sets us up for continued success as we move forward to Packaging and Verification.