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Release 1 Complete

On November 3, we successfully completed Oracle Student Financial Planning (OSFP) Release 1 – ISIR Loads. A key activity in this release included bringing over 57,000 student bio/demo records into OSFP from our two legacy student systems via custom integrations. We then enabled configuration to allow automatic file transfer with the federal government, and Rutgers … Read More

OSFP May 2021 Update

As we progress through spring, we would like to provide a high-level Oracle Student Financial Planning (OSFP) project update. As you may know, implementing OSFP is the university’s first step toward moving to Oracle Student Cloud. This implementation will streamline our financial aid processes to improve the experience for students, further enable regulatory compliance, and … Read More

OSFP January 2021 Update

Implementing Oracle Student Financial Planning (OSFP) is the university’s first step toward moving to Oracle Student Cloud. In January 2021, the OSFP project officially entered the design, configure, and develop phase for the first release of the software. The full implementation consists of seven releases, the first of which will be available in October 2021, … Read More

August 2018 Update

As you may know, Rutgers launched the Student Experience Improvement Initiative (SEII) in November 2015 to evaluate and improve the quality of student services, our business processes, and the systems that we use to manage student data. SEII reflects the University’s commitment to transforming the student experience in ways that are consistent with a leading national … Read More