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Imani Gardens Project

The Rutgers University Graduate Entomology Student Association (GESA) is excited to be partnering with a local non-profit, Making it Possible to End Homelessness (MIPH) to bring together Rutgers volunteers and community partners to create “Imani Gardens”. Our vision is create a pollinator and vegetable garden at MIPH’s Imani Park site in Edison, NJ with the … Read More

New Jersey Highlights!

New to the area or thinking of applying? Here we highlight some of our favorite things about New Jersey and the surrounding area. There is always fun stuff to do or go see, and our state though small is not lacking in different biomes to collect insects in!   New Brunswick: In the local punk … Read More

Creepy Crawly Brownies

Any time of the year is great for Entomophagy but the best time is Halloween! The spooky season does something to bring out the daring in us. So why not try something new?! These brownies are delicious and gooey and made with cricket powder which is an excellent source of protein. So they’re healthy…eat as … Read More