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Imani Gardens Project

The Rutgers University Graduate Entomology Student Association (GESA) is excited to be partnering with a local non-profit, Making it Possible to End Homelessness (MIPH) to bring together Rutgers volunteers and community partners to create “Imani Gardens”. Our vision is create a pollinator and vegetable garden at MIPH’s Imani Park site in Edison, NJ with the potential of expansion to MIPH’s second Edison NJ site in the future. This project has gained the interest of not only faculty and undergraduates in the Entomology department but also the Rutgers Horticultural Therapy program. This collaborative project will give invaluable experience to the undergraduates across multiple departments as well as improve the knowledge and wellbeing of our local community in New Brunswick!

The project has currently progressed to the intermediate planning phase. Through February and March an interdisciplinary group of students is drawing up plans for the raised beds that will serve as an herb garden, a vegetable garden, and a perennial garden that will foster insect pollinator biodiversity, and house or local beneficial insect populations. Imani Gardens is currently seeking financial support from local businesses and other future community partners. Through knowledge and service, we can all make a positive impact on the lives of those in our local community.

If you would like information on supporting Imani Gardens, please email GESA at


-Post by Micheal Monzon