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NEFS 2021 Winners!

Our department has snagged two wins from this years NEFS conference. Alex was a finalist for the Peoples Choice poster competition and Yahel Ben-Zvi tied for first place for the undergraduate poster competition. Micheal and Devin also gave wonderful presentations and were able to show just a small section of what our department has to … Read More

Congratulations Mike on NAFEA awards!

Mike has received 2 awards from the North American Forensic Entomology Association. He received a research award for his work to complete an insect analysis on a portion of the over 40,000 arthropod fragments recovered from two graves in a crypt at Historic St. Mary’s City in Maryland. This project also has the support of … Read More

Congrats Alex!

Congratulations Alex of successfully defending your masters work! We all look forward to seeing what you and the future of entomophagy have in store!

Congratulations Devin on Publishing in Environmental Entomology

Our very own Devin Kreitman has published part of his doctoral research in Environmental Entomology. You can find it here!   Effects of Temperature on Development and Survival of Nymphal Lycorma delicatula (Hemiptera: Fulgoridae) Devin Kreitman, Melody A Keena, Anne L Nielsen, George Hamilton Environmental Entomology, Published: 02 December 2020

Congrats Entomology Games Team!

In our first year competing in the Entomology Games, our graduate team has made it to the finals for the ESA national meeting! Congraduations to the whole team! Stephanie Rainer Tim Lampasona Kara Ladle Xiaodan Pan Kasia Madalinska

Congrats Sabita!

Congratulations to Sabita Ranabhat on successfully defending her master’s thesis! We wish you well and thank you for all the support you have given each one of us. Good luck on your future endeavors!