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Dr. Jennifer Schafer

Postdoctoral Associate (2010-2011), currently Assistant Professor at Winthrop University

Jennifer worked on understanding and combating the  impact of fire-enhancing non-native annuals in desert scrub.

Dr. Ildiko Pechmann

Postdoctoral Associate (2009-2010)

IIdiko worked in establishing long-term ecological management and monitoring plans for the Meadowlands and Liberty State Park

Dr. Mark June-Wells

Ph.D. (2006-2010), currently, Chief Science Officer at Organic Remedies Medical Marijuana & Principal Consultant at Aquatic Ecosystem Research LLC.

Ph.D. thesis “Niche divergence: scale and community effects. Implication for community development and invasive species”.

Ting Min Wu

Masters student (2012)

M.Sc. thesis “Genetic clonal identity and competitive strength of relic populations of a native salt marsh grass”.

Charles Hofer

Masters student (2009)

M.Sc. thesis “Trophic transfer of heavy metals at a brownfield site: the effects of heavy metals on nest success of resident avifauna”

Vincent Koczurik

Masters student (2007)

M.Sc. thesis “Induced defense in Lythrum salicaria: the effects of managed herbivory on performance of an invasive species.”

John Bernstein

Masters student (2007)

M.Sc. thesis “Before allelopathy: exploring the possible primitive role of Centaurea nigra root exudate on nutrient acquisition.”

Jane Zagajeski

Masters student (2006), currently Science Teacher at Morristown Beard School

M.Sc. thesis “Self-shading and physiological integration in Phragmites australis: factors leading to Division of Labor”