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Chemical Hygiene Guide and Lab Safety Plan


The lab is to be kept clean
  • You are responsible for keeping your work area clutter free and wiping off bench tops and equipment in the common section of the lab.
  • Do not leave items in the sink for extended periods of time. If glassware needs to soak let your lab mates know. Leave a note if you are doing an overnight soak.
  • When there are others in the lab, clean as you go to help maximize the productivity of others.
  • When biohazard waste is just past half full it must be autoclaved.
  • After using equipment, make sure it is turned off.
  • Report any equipment problems or oddities to the lab manager or PI.


Lab doors are kept locked
  • Door to common section of the lab may be propped open when interns are expected.
  • If you are the only person in the lab and you leave, the locked door must be closed.


Before starting a new experiment make sure you have done the following
  • Write down your experimental design and discuss it with the PI.
  • Look up safety data sheets for the reagents / chemicals you will be using to ensure you properly protect yourself (and others) as well as using proper steps for cleanup and disposal.
  • Follow lab SOPs and protocols when applicable.
  • If you are unsure about how to work with certain chemicals, talk with the lab manager ahead of time.


Before leaving the lab
  • Double check that equipment has been turned off.
  • Microscopes are covered.
  • Doors are closed and locked.
  • Turn the lights off in both parts of the lab.